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Direct vs. Indirect Costs

Direct vs. Indirect Costs

This video defines direct and indirect costs and provides an example to illustrate the difference between direct and indirect costs.— Edspira is the creation of Michael McLaughlin, an award-winning professor who went from teenage homelessness to a PhD. Edspira’s mission is to make a high-quality business education freely available to the world. — SUBSCRIBE FOR A FREE 53-PAGE GUIDE TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, PLUS: • A 23-PAGE GUIDE TO MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING • A 44-PAGE GUIDE TO U.S. TAXATION • A 75-PAGE GUIDE TO FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS • MANY MORE FREE PDF GUIDES AND SPREADSHEETS * — SUPPORT EDSPIRA ON PATREON * — GET CERTIFIED IN FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS, IFRS 16, AND ASSET-LIABILITY MANAGEMENT * — LISTEN TO THE SCHEME PODCAST * Apple Podcasts: * Spotify: * Website: — GET TAX TIPS ON TIKTOK * — ACCESS INDEX OF VIDEOS * — CONNECT WITH EDSPIRA * Facebook: * Instagram: * LinkedIn: — CONNECT WITH MICHAEL * Twitter: * LinkedIn: — ABOUT EDSPIRA AND ITS CREATOR * *
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